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Joseph & Demetria

22 Apr catchthequeen:

AU: Joe Jonas & sleepy girlfriend Demi Lovato at LAX.


AU: Joe Jonas & sleepy girlfriend Demi Lovato at LAX.

19 Apr

you are all I want, you’re all I need. you are everything, everything.

06 Apr LQ Outtakes/Rares from their Teen Vogue shoot ;)

LQ Outtakes/Rares from their Teen Vogue shoot ;)

04 Apr

Anonymous asked: I understand where youre coming from but im not such a big fan of blaming the victim. Those were still her private photos. People should be allowed to take pictures and not get hacked (which is an illegal action). Why do people glorify celebrities lives so much? On the other hand, i dont see anything wrong with any of the pictures? Like even her "nudes"? The only thing we see are breasts. Like wow? Men walk around shirtless everyday lol theyre just boobs? Im happy she feels sexy<3

I’m not heartlessly blaming her I know she obviously didn’t want this to happen, strictly blaming her and holding her accountable are two different things. She has complete control of the pictures she takes so she is responsible for them being out there. Like, if I did a bad thing and someone told on me, yeah I’m a “victim” of my personal information being thrown out there, but I still did the bad thing so I’m still responsible for my actions.

I’m not saying the pictures are bad, they’re completely harmless. there is just no need for fans to feel sorry for her. 

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04 Apr

Unpopular opinion most likely…

I see a lot of fans feeling sorry for Demi that her nudes/dilmer pics leaked, and I was too the first time they leaked a while ago, but honestly she and Wilmer are responsible for those being out there. Like if you’re going to take those kinds of pictures and you have no intention of letting the rest of the world see them, then it would not be hard at all to keep them 100% secure on their personal devices. Its not like someone is sitting in bed with them while they’re fucking and taking pictures…therefore there is no way they’d be in anyone else’s hands but their own. I don’t know how these people got these pictures but somewhere in the process they came directly from demi or wilmer. There would be no other way. 

I haven’t lost any respect for those two at all, I’m just saying I’m not the type of fan to kiss Demi’s ass 24/7. I will definitely hold her accountable for what she did or didn’t do to keep those off the internet. 

29 Mar

Take me back….

28 Mar
11 Mar

March 14, 2010

I’m way too excited for jemi day!

08 Mar

Girl I can’t lie, I miss you. You and the music were the only things that I commit to. 

05 Mar Kids Choice Awards 2010

Kids Choice Awards 2010

04 Mar catchthequeen:

AU: “@ddlovato: Look who’s doing a silly face… #reallydontcare”


AU:@ddlovato: Look who’s doing a silly face… #reallydontcare”

04 Mar

#randomcollage ♥

04 Mar Jemi rare? lol i totally forgot about this picture&#8230;.

Jemi rare? lol i totally forgot about this picture….

04 Mar



I will!

01 Mar


full album here (x)

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